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The Guzunder Gang

Lyrics for more than 50 children's songs for the audio/magazine series The Guzunder Gang,
music by Tim Cross,

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The Guzunder Gang were my childhood heroes. I would recommend this book to all the fellow people who would like their children to have FUN and learn manners.close quote

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The Guzunder Gang, a children's audio-with-book series, was conceived in 1999 by IMP. The product was launched nationally in 2000.
The Guzunder Gang are a collection of five friendly toys who live under a bed, have adventures and entertain each other with stories, rhymes and songs.
Each character brings particular qualities, skills and roles to the mix. Edna the sheep is a gentle, maternal figure, the classic story teller; Dexter the dinosaur is cool, inventive and musical; Baby Doll is the little girl doll, a dancer with a love of colour and patterns; Prince Hugo and his horse Harry love poems, rhymes and good behaviour (with fun of course); Oddsock is dotty about numbers, pairs and opposites, with a zany sense of humour.
With modern and traditional stories, songs and rhymes, this series encourages skills such as counting and recognizing shapes and colors, but mainly entertains and encourages a love of words, music and storytelling.

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Some of the most catchy music and lyrics for children I have ever heard. I still know the words and hum along to tunes I haven't heard for five years – the sign of a truly good song. close quote

Melissa Roskell